Testimonials From fcB2B Users

fcB2B works to give the prospective user of B2B greater insight into this technology. Focusing on the basics and process flow of users of fcB2B software, we taped video interviews with users, during major industry events. Watch, listen and learn how your colleagues gained a competitive edge in their market as well as improved their operation overall.

B2B: What is it?

B2B is simply the sending and receiving of information using computer technology.

fcB2B technology can enable software users to automatically send and receive the documents that are exchanged everyday between manufacturers, distributors, and flooring retailers and contractors, such as purchase orders and invoices, in a fraction of the time it takes when completed manually.

Flooring Material Suppliers using B2B

Manufacturers and distributors of flooring products are currently doing business electronically, using B2B technology governed by the fcB2B standard. See how many of your trading partners are ready to work with you using B2B. This list is updated monthly.

fcB2B Standard

The standard consists of a set of open, proprietary specifications that define an accepted method of data interaction between trading partners. It is intended to facilitate a common starting point from which the manufacturers and their customers can establish electronic data communications.

Members and Sponsors

The program is endorsed and supported by manufacturers, distributors, associations, industry groups and software providers, working together to create one clear unifying vision that will take the entire industry into a more efficient and profitable future.

fcB2B Participation Information

The Floor Covering Business To Business program participation consists of key flooring industry business professionals. Members include Fortune 1000 companies, individual entrepreneurs, agencies, nonprofit, industry and trade associations.

As a fcB2B member, you gain access to an extensive resource where you can find implementation advice, share best practices and review the current B2B standard with peers and industry experts. Join now and take an active role in the B2B Standard.