Clearly the flooring industry will benefit from embracing B2B technology for everyday operation. The trick is to build a system in which everyone can communicate with one another, so vendors, distributors, and retailers will not have to worry about compatibility issues and can then focus on using this technology as a tool to make their business more efficient and profitable.

fcB2B is the tool that enables flooring businesses to achieve dramatic increases in speed, accuracy and control in the transfer of critical information to and from their suppliers. Documents are transferred directly from dealer computer to supplier computer and move dramatically more quickly, securely, and accurately than paper documents.

Because fcB2B replaces paper documents with electronic transactions, electronic logs or audit trails of document handling activity are tracked. From this, businesses gain substantial increases in control while measuring performance throughout the entire process.

Examining the fcB2B Purchase Order is one way to evaluate the benefits and advantages of the electronic process over the traditional paper process.

  • The process takes seconds or minutes instead of days
  • The PO goes from the dealer’s computer directly to the vendor’s computer with no human intervention at all. There is no need to copy or transcribe the PO upon receipt, eliminating the possibility of data entry error
  • The electronic document receives immediate and automatic attention. The PO has not been handled by the mailroom staff, the postal or delivery service, or data entry staff. It will not wait in anyone’s “in-basket” waiting for processing plus it won’t have to wait while the customer service staff is on the phone
  • The buyer receives rapid confirmation of PO receipt

These facts can translate directly into cost savings resulting from reduced cycle times, reduced overheads and improved accuracy. In today’s business environment, companies cannot afford to ignore these benefits.

In a nutshell, benefits of B2B include managing inventory more efficiently, cutting the cost of paperwork, increased staff productivity, tighter cash flow management and more efficient purchasing. Analysts have been predicting rapid growth of B2B e-commerce, but many people don't feel much urgency to get their companies started on an e-commerce path. Some are planning to wait and see how everyone else is doing with ecommerce, and some are even waiting until a business partner forces them to move. However, the time to prepare your business for B2B has arrived. E-commerce is no longer a new, untried idea. Companies are saving real money and building strong relationships through e-commerce and those companies that are still waiting will soon find themselves struggling to catch up.