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About CDMS Inc.

CDMS was first developed in 1982 for DuPont’s Vanguard Dealers. Over the software’s 30+ year life span, it has grown, changed and developed into the most comprehensive system on the market today, dedicated solely to the Flooring Industry. The development of CDMS is continuously directed by our customers, some of which are stock holders in the company. These customers and stock holders include commercial dealers, Carpet One and Flooring America dealers, Abbey Carpet Dealers, Carpetland USA and Carpets Plus dealers, wholesalers, small distributors, and installation work rooms. Some of these dealers have multiple stores or multiple companies, while others have a single location. This diversity means that CDMS isn't tailored to one person's method of running a small dealership, rather it has been built over the years to accommodate ALL types and sizes of dealerships with a strong focus on streamlined procedures, CPA-loved formal accounting, and a high volume of work accomplished just as easily for multiple-store locations as if all the work was done at a single location.

CDMS also offers a wide array of services to ensure that you get the support you need once your system is installed. All support calls are answered immediately by our highly trained technicians. All programming is done in house and we are constantly developing new features to keep up with the ever-changing Flooring Industry. Training, consultation, user group meetings and seminars are also available to provide you with continuous education.

CDMS allows you to run your business on your own in-house server, or in a secure Cloud Environment. CDMS is an authorized SCO CLOUD Silver Level Reseller. CDMS is also a member of iXorg, which is an international Support Organization supporting the Unix/Linux Operating systems throughout the world.

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