Get Started is the flooring industry's dedicated resource for learning about B2B technology. The aim of the website is to provide a central repository of unbiased information and resources you can use to learn about the different aspects of implementing B2B within your business. The goal of the site is to help you understand this important technology and how it affects the day to day operation of your firm.

The site contains information for retailers, contractors, distributors, manufacturers, and technology developers and is organized in sections. Get Started by selecting the category that best describes your interest:

Information for Retailers, Flooring Contractors, and New Users


Looking for a basic introduction to B2B technology? What is B2B? What's in it for me? Learn what B2B can do for you and your business and why others in our industry swear by it. Case studies, implementation tips, and best practice guides from active B2B users. This section explains the business benefits to be gained by implementing B2B in your company, and the expected financial and operational returns of a B2B system.

Trading Partners

Who are your Trading Partners? Chances are they are members of fcB2B and you can to begin to trade more efficiently upon implementation of your B2B solution. Given the rapid adoption of B2B, this section is updated frequently.

B2B Enabled Software Vendors

Software is the key to B2B implementation and in this section you will find all the leading software providers of B2B for flooring companies today.


This section of the website contains a variety of resources which will help you gain a better understanding of B2B technology used, the types of documents exchanged, industry standards in use and a number of downloadable tutorials and white papers.

Information for Manufacturers, Distributors, and Suppliers

About fcB2B

Learn about The Floor Covering Business To Business Program, the community of technology leaders and the benefits of participation.
Current X12 standards, participants and sponsors, the organization's history, structure and mission are found here. Learn how to get involved and get on the fast track with B2B.

Participants & Sponsors

fcB2B members include Fortune 1000 companies, individual entrepreneurs, agencies, nonprofit, industry and trade associations. They are all companies involved with shaping the new economy.


The Floor Covering Business To Business Program participation consists of key flooring industry business professionals. Participants include Fortune 1000 companies, individual entrepreneurs, agencies, nonprofit, industry and trade associations, all companies shaping the new economy.

As a fcB2B member, you gain access to an extensive resource where you can find implementation advice, share best practices and participate in the development and adoption of electronic data exchange standards for the flooring industry. Join now and take an active role in the B2B Standard.

Information for Software Developers, and IT

The fcB2B Standard

The standard consists of a set of open (non-proprietary) specifications that define an accepted method of data interaction between trading partners. It is intended to facilitate a common starting point from which the manufacturers and their customers can establish electronic data communications.